Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our buddy and foster brother Ranger was adopted

Haroooo puppers,

It's me Axle :) Today I have some very sad, but happy news - as our foster brother Ranger joined his new family. Mommy had a lot of tears all day, but I made her feel better by giving her lots of extra-special lovin today! Tucker and I sure do miss our pal...but I have a feeling we'll be getting another playmate soon :) I'm going to pass the computer over to mommy so she can say some things.

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was truly a sad day for me...although I know Ranger will be very house just feels so empty without him :(

There are definitely some fosters that leave an impression upon your heart so deeply, it is like giving up one of your own. But I know my purpose in this world, and it is to continue saving dogs just like Ranger...and that is why I let him go....I have been truly blessed to have known such a wonderful dog! I look forward to many pupdates from the happy of the adoption attached :)

Ranger and the New Family

Ranger and his new furbrother Cosmo

Play with me!!!

I got a new chew toy!!!

Give me a hug brother!

At the end of the day seeing these pictures made it all don't get a better gift than that! I'll miss you like crazy Ranger, but you will always be in my heart!


Foster momma Kelly

Friday, July 16, 2010

New hardwood floors and swimming huskies

Haroooooo puppers!! It's me Smackselpotamus Prime (Axle - mommy gives the weirdest nicknames)! Last weekend daddy installed hardwood floors, and they are certainly something to get used to...we slide around so much...but we are getting used to it...Daddy still has to do the stairs, but mommy said at least the living room and bedroom are done....they sure had to move around a lot of stuff!

While Daddy was working on the floors, mommy took Tinker, Tucker and I down to grammy's and poppy's to go swimming in the River. Ranger our foster brother got to stay with Uncle Steve...where he got to go swimming too...except he got to swim in a pool at Dawn and John's house. Here's a picture of Ranger swimming...he's pretty good - I'm a natural :)

We certainly had a good weekend!

Harooo Puppers

It's me Axle! Let me introduce myself - I am a 2 1/2 year old Bullmastiff/Lab mix (although I look a lot like a golden retriever). I'm a pretty easy going guy - I enjoy the company of dogs and people alike (I especially LOVE my poppy, I smile everytime I see him).

My sister's name is Tinker...she's the 'queen bee' shepherd least that is what mommy calls her...she likes snuggling and her crate...she's goofy - I hate that thing...although mommy said now I am good enough in the house so I get to be free when mommy and daddy aren't home!

Tucker is my furbrother - he's a rough collie/husky mix. Mommy and Daddy adopted him from MaPaw Siberian Husky rescue back in September 2009.

My Mommy and Daddy have sure fostered a lot of puppers since November 2008: Delia, Mikayla, Mako, Blitz, Dakota, Bella, Halo, Shelby, Kye, Matrix, Casino, Rio, Maxie, Duchess, Max, Ranger...and the list is growing! I love all my foster brothers and sisters, they are so much seems like every month Tucker and I get a new playmate :) Tinker tolerates the new guests...and she puts down the law!

Well I better get off here...I need to have my lunch...till next time puppers

Playbows and woofs,