Friday, July 16, 2010

Harooo Puppers

It's me Axle! Let me introduce myself - I am a 2 1/2 year old Bullmastiff/Lab mix (although I look a lot like a golden retriever). I'm a pretty easy going guy - I enjoy the company of dogs and people alike (I especially LOVE my poppy, I smile everytime I see him).

My sister's name is Tinker...she's the 'queen bee' shepherd least that is what mommy calls her...she likes snuggling and her crate...she's goofy - I hate that thing...although mommy said now I am good enough in the house so I get to be free when mommy and daddy aren't home!

Tucker is my furbrother - he's a rough collie/husky mix. Mommy and Daddy adopted him from MaPaw Siberian Husky rescue back in September 2009.

My Mommy and Daddy have sure fostered a lot of puppers since November 2008: Delia, Mikayla, Mako, Blitz, Dakota, Bella, Halo, Shelby, Kye, Matrix, Casino, Rio, Maxie, Duchess, Max, Ranger...and the list is growing! I love all my foster brothers and sisters, they are so much seems like every month Tucker and I get a new playmate :) Tinker tolerates the new guests...and she puts down the law!

Well I better get off here...I need to have my lunch...till next time puppers

Playbows and woofs,


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