Friday, July 16, 2010

New hardwood floors and swimming huskies

Haroooooo puppers!! It's me Smackselpotamus Prime (Axle - mommy gives the weirdest nicknames)! Last weekend daddy installed hardwood floors, and they are certainly something to get used to...we slide around so much...but we are getting used to it...Daddy still has to do the stairs, but mommy said at least the living room and bedroom are done....they sure had to move around a lot of stuff!

While Daddy was working on the floors, mommy took Tinker, Tucker and I down to grammy's and poppy's to go swimming in the River. Ranger our foster brother got to stay with Uncle Steve...where he got to go swimming too...except he got to swim in a pool at Dawn and John's house. Here's a picture of Ranger swimming...he's pretty good - I'm a natural :)

We certainly had a good weekend!

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