Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Harrroooooo Puppers - New foster alert!!!

Harroooo everfuryone!!! It's me Smakselpotomus :) I've been fury behind on my posts this month...but fur good reason....you see I've been playing up a storm wif my new foster brother Sarge! And I got proof....check out my video

I'm going to let mommy tell you more about Sarge....I'm gonna go play!!!

Sarge is a stunning red and white Siberian Husky with hypnotic blue eyes born on July 27, 2009. Unfortunately, his prior owners were not ready for the challenge of a Siberian puppy and we welcomed Sarge into the rescue, knowing we will find him a wonderful home that has the time and patience to help Sarge grow into a mature, wonderful companion.

Sarge's favorite things include: romping around with his canine buddies, trips in the car, going for walks and all the love and attention he can get. After a good day of play with canine friends, Sarge loves to snuggle up at your feet while you watch TV. Overall he is just a really, really great dog – we just can't stop saying nice things about him!

Sarge loves people, both male and female dogs, and kids. He is fairly laid-back for a one-year old sibe, but would definitely benefit from having a canine companion as a playmate and to keep him company when his human family is away. He is trustworthy in the house (for a husky) and crate trained. He also listens very well and is eager to please - which is always a great quality in a Sibe!

If you are interested in Sarge, please visit http://www.sibes.com/ and fill out the online application :)

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  1. We just love Mr Sarge and we LOVED the movie of woo playing with him Axle ~ woo two make great play mates!

    Team Husky