Saturday, August 7, 2010


Harroooooooooo Puppers!!!

It's me Smaxle! Sorry I've been away for a few days, but us Delaware dogs have sure been busy!! Since my last post we have gotten 2 (yes that is right 2) new fosters sibelings :)

First meet Cyrus

Cyrus is a gray/white bi-eyed 3 year old male. Mommy says he's a very vocal boy - not sure what that means all I know is he won't stop making noise...but I'm used to it with those huskies as you know. He was originally with MaPaw but his owner recently had a change in jobs and Cyrus was very unhappy. Wanting only the best for Cyrus his owner turned him back over to MaPaw and now he is here with us. Mr. Cyrus would best do in a home with another active pup and tall sturdy fence to play in.

Now let's met Kira

Kira is a red/white blue eyed 8 month old female. We are still getting to know her...but right now I can tell you this girl has a LOT of puppy energy!! In fact I think I am going to take a she wore me out!

Until next time bows and woofs


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  1. So when does your newest foster get to introduce himself???

    Team Husky